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My Story

Born June 29, 1973 in Madrid, Spain. Coming from a mixed ethnic background and raised in Miami, the Spanish born DJ grew up with lots of Spanish influences during the 70's & 80's where he had influences from his Latin culture as well as landing key roles in Middle & high school bands where he was exposed to all types of music genres and styles. He started to DJ during the golden era of freestyle, just at the end of the 80's, his style in many ways comes from his diverse influences of music, among his favorite artist, James brown, Michael Jackson, Earth wind and fire, Nirvana, Sugar Hill Gang and too many more to mention. In the winter of 1987 He picked up his very 1st record placed it on a turntable and from the start it was love at 1st sight. From there it wasn't long before his love for the craft grew even stronger. The following years proved to be his OJT playing various parties for friends and anyone that would let him play at any event. It was and still is one of his greatest passions getting the crowd to react to his music. In 1992 he got his 1st big break to play at South Beaches club Cream on Washington and 6th street from there Bash, Fat Tuesday and from then on it's been history ever since. As he matured so did his taste in music and his experience did as well, his ability to be diverse allowed him to branch out and he was constantly booked for corporate events,  weddings and private events where he honed in his talent of reading and reacting to his crowds, paying close attention to detail and adapting when necessary by adjusting tempo, creating a unique flow and making ideal music selection at the right time, keeping the party alive and kicking until the wee hours of the morning.